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Do you have any questions about the Wings of Legends game? Want to know more, or would you like to customize the game for your simulator or headsets? Contact please our customer support department and we will be happy to answer your questions and help you!
We are glad that you have chosen Wings of Legends game! WG produced by VR Studio Games. We have released the first version, which is more suitable for businesses, VR arcades and amusement parks, as well as for small businesses that operate in events as an outing arcades.
Let's discuss your ideas!
We are ready to provide any technical support to optimize the game for your glasses or virtual reality simulators. Also, the company has a Development Center, so we can easily add your ideas, logos to the game and make them personally in accordance with the wishes of customers. Put here some fields of the form and tell a client how to fill them if he wants to make an order or contact with you
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